Thursday, 28 June 2012


My holiday started when I left the office today so why do I feel sad? 

May be I am more in need of this holiday than I realise?

One exciting thing about being on holiday is that I can plan a whole day doing nothing other than indulging in my favourite hobby.   sofa + me + cross stitch + cake and tea = HAPPY ME!

I think I know what my holiday project is going be although being the indecisive creature I am, I'm sure I will change my mind half a dozen times and all I will actually  do while I am off is pontificate and sort out projects *to do next* but not actually start anything.  Throw in sitting in my garden reading my kindle (ha ha - love the British weather) and I'm not sure I'll actually get anything stitchwise done!

Happy days and happy holidays to me.  Lets hope for some sunny weather :)

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