Sunday, 17 July 2011

Just how much cross stitch stash would £161 million buy me ?

I couldn't resist buying a ticket for the euromillions £161 million lotto draw last Tuesday.   Sadly it wasn't me that crossed off all 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars but well done to the scottish couple, I hope you enjoy it.  I don't think I would have gone public had it been me but hey I'll worry about that when I win....

I always wait a few days before checking my ticket whilst I daydream about how I will spend the money and whilst I wait for Camelot to report that the monies have gone unclaimed, ticket bought from my local town, these are the numbers, is it you?  I also play on-line and I would so love to know what the e-mail would say when its millions you have won ?.  Usually its -We have some news about the ticket that you bought for the ??? draw.  If the scottish couple had bought their ticket on-line - would the e-mail have said, We have exciting news about your ticket!  We suggest you pour yourself a stiff drink and ensure you are sitting down before you log in to see how much you have won....

Once all the boring post lottery win stuff is done (paying off the mortgage/holiday/sharing the good fortune with family and friends), I think I would want to spend a few quid on my cross stitch hobby.   I'm sure sewandso would be agreeable to me paying a little visit to their warehouse.  Or should I just e-mail them and say, hey guys, send us £500,000 worth of stuff would you ?   One can daydream....

Back to reality.  Another weekend has passed me by and I feel sad that I haven't done any cross stitch.  I'm hopeful though that once the evening meal is sorted that I'll be able to sit in front of the box with my little mouse kit and at least get half an hour of stitching in.   

In the meantime, I'll go back to daydreaming, just how much stash would £161 million get me ?  would sew and so have enough stash to fulfill such a large order ......

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I would rather be cross stitching, the (new) title of my blog, says it all!    I have been cross stitching for  many years and can probably quite safely say that of all my hobbies and interests, cross stitch is my favourite!   I am terrible for starting a project and not finishing it though and I can't resist buying more supplies despite the fact that I have quite enough to keep me going including my many unfinished items for many, many years.

I've been posting the occasional picture of my work on my facebook page but I decided that it would be nice to combine my blog with my love of cross stitch and share with you all my efforts.

I do have a couple of projects that I started recently, meant as gifts, but my heart isn't in stitching them at the moment and that's important.   For me, each stitch, its stitched with love.

I think I have fallen out of favour with these two projects because I have been busy recently stitching a special card, also a gift and having finished it! I feel like I want to stitch something for myself.

I haven't been able to decide what I want to stitch this week - I started a new project but  had to give it up the same day I started it because I miscounted the material - I was stitching on magic count evenweave and I hadn't appreciated that it was 25 count not the 28 count I was expecting so I didn't have enough.  Then I started a winnie the pooh design but trying to stitch this on the bus, on evenweave, with a  huge hoop isn't practical.

So before the weekend is out, I am going to have a browse through all my projects and decide on what I want to stitch next and I am going to stick with it!

I intend to post updates of the project on here so that should keep me motivated!