Sunday, 11 March 2012

weekend blues

At what point is the weekend over?  and why do I start wishing it was Friday afternoon before the weekend is even out?

I am feeling rather gloomy this afternoon.  The sun is shining and I am stuck indoors having had the mad idea that it would be clever to do some batch cooking today.    I thought it quite amusing this morning that it was only 7am and I was chopping carrots!!  Its not so funny now when I actually quite fancy going for a nice walk or sitting in a pub garden with a nice chilled glass of something. 

I felt rather under the weather yesterday so did not very much but I was intrigued and amused to note a post on facebook  from a friend who commented that she had got home from her friday night out at 6.30am!  Yesterday I got up at 5am so I found it funny that I had been to sleep and got up before she had even gone to bed.  It must have been a good night!

I'm also feeling sad today because there are never enough weekend hours to fit everything in.   I have managed some of my housework this weekend and I have also cleaned my oven door (a novelty!) but my cross stitch, well I managed about 20 stitches at about 10pm last night before I decided bed was the only cure for my grumpiness!

There is next weekend though and as I have nothing planned, I suspect I shall wile away the hours doing not very much and finding myself scratching my head and wondering where its gone this time next week!

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