Saturday, 7 May 2011

I would rather be cross stitching, the (new) title of my blog, says it all!    I have been cross stitching for  many years and can probably quite safely say that of all my hobbies and interests, cross stitch is my favourite!   I am terrible for starting a project and not finishing it though and I can't resist buying more supplies despite the fact that I have quite enough to keep me going including my many unfinished items for many, many years.

I've been posting the occasional picture of my work on my facebook page but I decided that it would be nice to combine my blog with my love of cross stitch and share with you all my efforts.

I do have a couple of projects that I started recently, meant as gifts, but my heart isn't in stitching them at the moment and that's important.   For me, each stitch, its stitched with love.

I think I have fallen out of favour with these two projects because I have been busy recently stitching a special card, also a gift and having finished it! I feel like I want to stitch something for myself.

I haven't been able to decide what I want to stitch this week - I started a new project but  had to give it up the same day I started it because I miscounted the material - I was stitching on magic count evenweave and I hadn't appreciated that it was 25 count not the 28 count I was expecting so I didn't have enough.  Then I started a winnie the pooh design but trying to stitch this on the bus, on evenweave, with a  huge hoop isn't practical.

So before the weekend is out, I am going to have a browse through all my projects and decide on what I want to stitch next and I am going to stick with it!

I intend to post updates of the project on here so that should keep me motivated! 

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